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About Us

Our translation agency is located in Germersheim, a small town in south-west Germany known both for its historic garrison and, most of all, as the site of one of Germany’s most prestigious language universities.
The university attracts translation and interpretation students from all over the world, and it is this international melting pot that has fostered years of academic contacts, allowing them to develop at first into a network of translators and finally into a team of language professionals with excellent communication skills and a high level of intercultural competence—a team that offers you the quality and professionalism that you have a right to expect from a reliable translation partner.

Owing to the individual character of translation projects, we must work in close contact with the customer. We see this type of communication as an important factor in bringing a project to a successful conclusion. Communication begins the first time we make contact with a customer, and is supported by the use of extensive, modern communications technology that safeguards the critical flow of information and data. Let us analyse your project and offer you an ideal solution tailored to your individual needs.

Our team members include academically trained translators and experienced professionals representing a variety of countries. Also, because the most subtle linguistic nuances can only truly be captured in one's mother tongue, our translators work exclusively into their respective native languages. Translation, that is, the process of actually rendering a text into the target language, requires more than just linguistic skills—the translator also needs a sound background in the subject matter at hand to ensure that the content of the text is factually correct and that the translation thus meets the highest standards of quality.

What do you, the customer, need to do?
  • Provide us the text –
    e.g. via e-mail or fax (see [ Contact ] ).

  • Request a precise offer –
    if you are unsure as to the scope of the desired translation.

  • Work with us to schedule a deadline –
    which is rarely ever a problem thanks to the size of our large team of translators. Please keep on thing in mind, however: despite our best efforts, quality and speed are only compatible to a certain degree.

  • Please take the time to respond to our questions –
    because even the most experienced translator occasionally needs the help of product specialists, who can explain unknown technical terms or describe unfamiliar components. These explanations need not be stylistically elegant—their technical accuracy alone is of tremendous help.
    We’ll take care of the details.
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24. May 2018


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